As a proud partner of Georg Fischer, we specialize in OEM repairs, rebuilds, technical support and the sale of Step-Tec spindles. We refurbish most other spindle brands with the same dedication.

Offering sales and service for North America, our state-of-the-art facility provides the ideal environment for quality repairs. First, your spindle will be analysed. If necessary, we will do a test run before we dismantle your spindle. Then, you will receive a detailed estimate.  After we receive estimate approval from you, the spindle will be assembled and driven under its own power to its maximum speed, where it will be dynamically fine balanced. After it has been tested and run for eight hours using its own motor, your spindle will be returned to you. We guarantee that your spindle will work well and that our work was done right the first time. We do not take shortcuts.

Step-Tec is your source for high-performance cutting spindles. Pan-Am Spindle Repair is your go-to for world-class repairs and service.

For information on repairs for other spindle brands, please contact our office.

Our Strenghts

The original equipment manufacturer (OEM) has built your spindle for peak performance. We keep the original design and exact configuration intact, unless indicated differently by the OEM. Your spindle will remain compatible with your machine. Our mission is to return your spindle to you in a condition that is as close to its original condition as possible. Motor spindles are test run to their maximum rated speed under their own power. We do not conduct test runs with a pulley and belt driven by a separate motor. Test runs are frequency driven and all sensors - new or old - are tested and documented fit for service, guaranteed. Test runs are monitored with eight-channel data loggers, which record everything from rpm, vibration, temperature and axial displacement. This is often overlooked. We want to know that your spindle components are fitted to the proper clearances and are compensating the instant that the spindle speed changes. The data logger makes this possible by overlapping speed and shaft displacement due to contact angles. A missing overlap can cause various issues that can create problems with your machine and reduce the bearing and spindle life.


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