Pan-Am Spindle Repair Inc.

Customer service makes an essential, critical contribution to your success - and ours!

Incorporated in 2004 in Calgary, Canada, Pan-Am services and repairs high-frequency motor spindle units. We supply a range of standardized and individual solutions and perform repairs that are as true as possible to the OEM's original, new specification and condition. With approximately 10 employees and broad technical knowledge, we are a leading motor spindle rebuilder for the Americas, with a mutually beneficial partnership with Step-Tec. We offer a comprehensive range of Step-Tec spindles, service, repair and customer support, from standard off-the-rack spindles to ones built to custom specifications for milling, turning, grinding and special applications.


Experienced Since 1986

Our principal owner built Mikron milling spindles and milling heads in the late 1980s in Switzerland. The industry has since made considerable advances in spindle technology that require great expertise for today's high-speed motor spindles with integrated protection systems and data loggers. The Pan-Am team is dedicated to quality and making sure that each job is done right the first time.