Simultaneous 3-Axis Live Vibration Log, Graphic Output

Not sure why your spindle doesn’t seem to meet promised spindle life? Step-Tec's V3D Sensor with SDS Software provides Real Time Vibration data logging during cutting so you can machine with insight.

Vibration has different sources, most of which negatively affect your cut, cutter life, part finish and material properties through fatigue and the spindle.

Many parts machined from aluminum alloys see most of their aging during manufacturing. That's like selling a shiny new car that already has seen 100,000 miles of bad roads. To remedy this, find the source of your vibration, which you can hear, measure and feel. Step-Tec’s simultaneous 3-axis vibration sensor shows you the vibration so you can make adjustments that improve machining results as well as spindle and tool life.

Compare this feature to driving a car at night with or without headlights. You want your path well lit. When you know where your vibration is, you can avoid it the second time around, which is ideal for volume production.