Minirep - Minor Repairs, Minor Defects & Faulty Sensors

Does your spindle have a faulty encoder, temperature-and-tool positioning sensor, leaking cylinder or broken drawbar? We can repair those issues in a few hours – and we make these a priority.

When is a Minirepair Necessary?

You need a Minirep if your spindle was running great, with no complaints or surface finish issues, noise or vibration, until you became aware of this defect.

What is a Minirepair?

A minor defect in your spindle often does not warrant an complete spindle rebuild. In that case, you may be well served with a cost-effective Minirepair. We repair the defect, test the spindle, dynamically balance it and return it to you as quickly as possible. Note that a Minirepair does not include new bearings, as these would require a major dismantling effort (i.e., a rebuild). We can replace all other major components within hours or a day, which saves you a lot of time. Get your spindle back with minimal downtime and cost.


Conditions for a Minirepair:

If your spindle ran great before the defect, achieved good surface finishes, was not noisy and its spindle bearings did not get hot, we recommend a Minirepair.

A Minirepair would be applicable if  you have a faulty sensor, a stuck tool, a defective bearing-temperature or analog sensor, or your encoder has stopped working. Please call us with a detailed description of the problem, and we will advise you on the best repair option. We can repair those issues in a few hour, because we know you'll be down while we repair your spindle.

Contact us to evaluate your spindle repair needs.