Precision Meets Teamwork

Our dynamic, expertly trained team is here to serve you. Together, we produce a strong, premium product that speaks for itself and complements your machine. We love making our customers happy.

CEO, Customer Service

Hans-Peter; Precision Mechanic, CEO

He has always liked precision movements, and spindles became his passion. He built his first spindle 38 years ago. Having been with Step-Tec since 1998, he incorporated Pan-Am Spindle Repair Inc. in 2004 and seldom looked back. He is thankful for his co-workers (past and present) and to Step-Tec for their product support, their commitment to excellence and their trust in Pan-Am. Thanks to his great team(s) and their responsibilities, he is not at the top, they are! His motto is, "The more we all know, the better off we all are." Feel free to drop him a line if you have any questions or, of course, if you need assistance with your spindle. 


Loretta and Dagmar

Loretta and Dagmar are at the heart of our operation. They are the masters of all tasks and keep everything moving smoothly. From first contact with our customers, to picking up and shipping spindles, to parts management, from SAP to Kanban, they are on top of it all. We are truly grateful for them.

Engineer(s), Spindle Technicians

Heinz, Precision Mechanic

A John Deere (and spindle) fan at heart, he is a master of his craft and in his dedication to detail and planning. He never hesitates to go the extra mile for anyone. Need help? He will be there for you. Not all he cares about is painted green :)